Building out your team is one of the most important things you do at any company.  Whether long-established or a start-up, your team is key to the success of your business.  This is especially true at a start-up where the inertia of an existing business and business processes do not exist.  They must be built. 

That process takes time.  A lot of time dedicated to defining roles, finding people to fill those roles, adjusting the roles, and adjusting the team members.  Correcting for errors in both.  Define, hire, adjust.  Rinse and repeat.  This also takes money.  Hiring costs vary widely depending on the industry and the position you are trying to fill.  From thousands of dollars at a minimum, up to tens of thousands for more senior positions. 

But it needs to be done to successfully grow your business.  But there is one team you don’t need to build.  A competent accounting team can be yours for the asking…  

At Edward Thomas Associates, we have the team to provide for your accounting needs.  We tailor your team based on what you need.  Clerical to CFO level skills are yours for the asking.  Whether closing the books, or updating the business plan and projections for the fifth time this week, we can help. 

We come with a complete team.  At least on the accounting side.  The janitor is up to you. 

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