Business Process Outsourcing

Enabling Startup and Early Stage Organizations to Focus on their Core Business Strategy

Leaders in startup and early stage businesses juggle many activities and must constantly balance priorities. There’s little room for error as both strategic and tactical work must be done and done right. These organizations are often challenged by:

Available Time

Functional Expertise

Task Prioritization

Too often founders get trapped in firefighting mode. Strategic issues vie with the mundane for their limited time. Founders know they should spend their time on the strategic, but also know the mundane need to be addressed. That’s where Edward Thomas Associates comes in.

How Edward Thomas Associates Helps

We enable Startup and Early Stage leaders to focus on activities which support their strategic goals by:

Freeing Up

The time, expense and weight of maintaining accounting and finance functions (i.e. paying bills, handling banking, bookkeeping and financial reporting.) Focus your time and attention on strategic matters.

The complexities of building an accounting team (finding, hiring and managing the staff – i.e. accountants and bookkeepers.) The process is expensive and time consuming so why not outsource the complexities to our expert team.

Staff time by reducing the accounting workload. Your time and your staff’s time is valuable. It shouldn’t be spent on things that aren’t mission critical. Use our team for the accounting to keep your team focused.

Mundane but important work gets done in a correct and timely manner. Paying bills. Closing the books. Preparing financial statements. These are mundane but important. Ensure they are done accurately by engaging a focused team.

Accounting Department Support Services

A full-time CFO or controller is not necessary for many companies. Especially young companies. But the strategic expertise of a CFO, or the operational expertise of a controller, are. Imagine the ability to have those resources available when you need them without the cost of them when you don’t.

Most people are familiar with the outside bookkeeper and accountant. Our accountants are part of a team of experienced, qualified people with the advantage of their being supervised by a controller and supported by high quality processes.

Closing the books takes focus, focus that is hard to give if you to do it yourself. A dedicated team with the right tools will deliver a better result, in a timely fashion that is properly supported with things that excite accountants like reconciliations and schedules.

With the books closed it is time to move onto the next thing. If you do this yourself, this could be any number of things tied to growing the business. With a dedicated team, this will be the financial statement and management reports you need to understand what is happening in the numbers related to your business.

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