Enabling Startup and Early Stage Organizations to Focus on their Core Business Strategy


Eliminating the burden of building an accounting team


Navigating the complex world of auditors and audits


Removing the weight of maintaining accounting and finance functions


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Time | Functional Expertise | Task Prioritization

Startup and early stage businesses juggle many activities and must constantly balance priorities. There’s little room for error as both strategic and tactical work must be done and done right. Challenges such as Available Time, Functional Expertise, and Task Prioritization often get in the way. Too often, founders get trapped in the mode of dealing with necessary but time-consuming matters when their focus should be on core business strategy. Edward Thomas Associates offers much needed skills and experience to alleviate these challenges.



Edward Thomas Associates has an impressive track record having worked as auditors with the Big Four accounting firms and holding company positions as CFOs and Controllers. Few can match their extensive experience and expertise; they are in the excellent position of understanding accounting and audit issues from both sides.



We enable Startup and Early Stage leaders to focus on activities which support their strategic goals by handling day-to-day business accounting needs, creating controls and automation, addressing increased scrutiny and reporting requirements, answering financial statement audit concerns and solving IT issues.



Edward Thomas Associates provides clients with the experienced “know-how” to execute in an accurate and timely manner. Whether preparing for your independent auditor, implementing a new ERP software system, undertaking a merger or acquisition or instituting better reporting, clients appreciate Edward Thomas Assocaites’ depth of knowledge.


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