Edward Thomas Associates specializes in working with companies that have an audit mandate but do not have the internal resources to interact with sophisticated outside parties like auditors, lenders and investors

The accounting and regulatory environment changes rapidly. It’s difficult for a CFO/Controller to keep up with all the changes. When a company is going through a significant transaction (IPO, M&A, Debt Financing) there’s often a tight deadline which leaves little time to research accounting problems or prepare special analysis. That’s where Edward Thomas Associates can help. They have the expertise and the people to get the accounting problems solved on time.


“Because of their accounting backgrounds with both public and private firms, Edward Thomas Associates has a high experience quotient. They know what needs to be done because they’ve done it before. Their GAAP and technical accounting knowledge is excellent. They are dependable and reliable. Edward Thomas Associates really helps keep the trains running.”

– Peter Kim, SVP


“We’ve presented Edward Thomas Associates with many situations -- they’ve never been overwhelmed and have met every challenge with the utmost professionalism. Their advisory services are excellent; they know what they are doing. Working with ETA is always a really good experience.”

– Entertainment Company President

“Edward Thomas Associates adds value to the audit preparation process -- they bring an insightful and practical perspective to projects because of their backgrounds as controllers, CFOs and auditors. Their understanding of the political and operational landscape of a corporation provides them an uncommon ability to get things done. Beyond the deadlines of a project however, ETA can also take a more “conceptual” approach to offer clients advice on how to improve the client’s processes and systems. They bring manpower and brainpower -- it’s always a welcome relief when they are on the job.”

– Big 4 Accounting Firm Partner

“I have worked with Ed Phillips for over 10 years. Ed is the consummate professional in terms of his knowledge of accounting, litigation, forensics --he really sets the bar high. And if he’s not sure about an issue, he’s got resources…he goes to the guys who wrote the rules. Ed is really good at jumping in and getting rolling right away -- other companies can say that but Ed really does it. Ed is my ‘go-to’ guy -- he’s the guy I implicitly trust…there’s some genius in him.”

– Javier Rico, Vice President & Controller

Intermedia Group of Companies

“I’ve known Edward Thomas Associates for over seven years. They really know their stuff! ETA understands the global economy and how to handle the accounting issues of multiple companies dealing in multiple currencies under one umbrella. Their strength in general ledger structure, financial reporting and analysis and audit prep is impressive. As well, they are good listeners and good leaders. I learn from them.”

– Doug Luchansky, President

ACI Consulting

“I am pleased to recommend Ed Phillips and his firm, Edward Thomas and Associates. Ed and I worked side-by-side as ERP system and accounting support for a mid-sized entertainment company. Ed is experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He works easily with everyone from the CFO to the accounting clerk —  assisting them with everything from complicated accounting issues to basic questions about how to post transactions. He is adept at troubleshooting and training. Ed is a great resource for middle market companies, for companies preparing for the transition from a private to public company and for companies preparing for an audit, especially their first financial audit. I would work with Ed or for him anytime, anywhere.”

– Jerry Savin, President

Cambridge Technology Consulting Group

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