Take control with automated procure-to-pay processes

Use Sage Intacct Purchasing to create structured, predefined transaction and approval workflows that increase purchasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency. At the same time, the solution’s comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools enables you to monitor budget vs. actuals, analyze costs, and gain visibility into your entire procure-to-pay cycle. That’s purchasing, perfected.

Sage Intacct Purchasing – Key benefits

Streamline procurements and payments

Sage Intacct Purchasing automates your organization’s unique workflows to streamline purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and approvals. It connects with Sage Intacct Accounts Payable, Cash Management, and Inventory Management—so you enter data only once—and enables you to attach files with drag-and-drop simplicity for easier recordkeeping and instant access to supporting documents.

Improve visibility

Give your purchasing team at-a-glance access to critical, real-time information, so staff can focus on making the right decisions. Use customizable, rolebased dashboards—which appear as soon as you open the application—to quickly check on budget to actuals, competitive quotes, price breaks, and more.

Strengthen purchasing controls

Take control of your entire procure-to-pay process. Sage Intacct Purchasing provides best practices templates to help ensure everyone complies with your purchasing requirements. Use these templates to create standard workflows and approvals for requisitions, quotes, returns, and more. Better still, you can customize them to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Sage Intacct Purchasing – Key features

 Automation and efficiency

Online access to all relevant information: Get the right information, right away.

Integration with other Sage Intacct modules: Eliminate data re-entry and accelerate processes.

Drag-and-drop document attachment: Cut down on paper to boost productivity.

Automated processes and structured workflow: Ensure accuracy and streamline operations.

Visibility and reporting

Real-time access to orders, delivery, pricing, and vendor performance: Enhance decision making.

Customizable, role-based dashboards: Gain instant insight into your purchasing performance.

Drill-down reports: Get deeper visibility into source documents.

Flexible slice-and-dice reporting: Proactively analyze data from any perspective.

Control and flexibility

Easy, flexible workflow configuration: Adapt workflows to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Best practices templates: Adopt or create standardized processes for requisitions, quotes, receivers, returns, and adjustments.

Predefined approval cycles with automated alerts and emails: Strengthen internal controls.

Automatic quantity price breaks and economic order quantities: Lower purchasing costs.

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